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Metal Mining Casting
Metal mining casting is a relevant process where metal components are created. They use high precision method for the applications and produce resilient quality equipment components.
Power Plant Castings

Power plant castings are metal machineries which are demanded in the power generation industry. These castings have been profusely designed in a way that they withstand high temperature and pressure. Also, they can survive in corrosive environments.

Cement Plant Casting

Cement plant castings are high quality metal components that have constructed using casting methods for cement sector. The use of proffered castings contributes to increasing efficiency, and lead to significant reduction in maintenance costs.


Stone Crushing Casting

Stone crushing casting is intended for the manufacturing or production of premium quality metal components which are further employed in stone crushing machines. It is known for its high reliability and optimum performance.

Concave Mantles Casting

Concave mantles casting is an essential industrial process where manufacturing of concave mantles takes place. They use high precision, performance, and consistency method for their production.


A trunnion valve is a specialized type of industrial valve that has been designed for controlling the liquid flow. The valve is available in distinct size and materials for suiting the requirements of applications.


Bull Ring Segment

A bull ring segment is a different kind of component, precisely employed in grinding mills aimed at pulverizing coal or minerals. It has a ring-shape structure.


Support Roller

A support roller is a cylinder-shaped component used to offer excellent support and stability to a rotating object. It has a surface with low friction for reducing the chance of wear and tear.


Tooth Point Adapter

A tooth point adapter is a specialized device highly used or installed in heavy equipment and machinery. The main purpose of the device is to attach or connect different tools to apparatus.


Bowl Liner

A bowl liner is an important component usually installed in gyratory and cone crushers. The primary function of this device is to protect the inner surface of the crusher's bowl from wear caused by crushing or grinding process.


Tip Casting

We are commercializing in numerous tip casting products which are significantly demanded in the gas turbines and aircraft units for creation turbine blades. They can easily withstand high temperature.


Ball Mill Liner

A ball mill liner is an important component which shows high resistance against wear. It protects the mill shell from abrasion and reduce the impacts caused by crushing of ores and particles.



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